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Saturday, February 4, 2012

meet melody. or betty

i splurged and bought another sewing machine.

this is the singer 160.  i bought it off HSN for 5 low payments a month.  

suffice it to say, it kicks my little singer simple's arse.  more stitches, more accessories, and it makes the most pleasant hum when i sew.  it's not herky jerky like my old one.  it's also bigger and more stable than the simple.  i have a bigger sewing surface.  i haven't checked, but it just might fit over the hole in gram's sewing table altho i might need to fix it up as i'd planned.

i sewed up little project bags for my summer mom's swappee, my starbucks knit buddy and myself.  they came out pretty neat.  now i have to find more projects to work on.  maybe flannel buchmans (aka pajama bottoms) for the kiddos (i bought the material - raggedy ann/andy flannel - just debating on the size to make them)

oh yeah, the name.  at first i thought black beauty.  then black betty.  now i'm thinking melody becos she hums when she sews.  

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  1. So, I guess I am the Starbucks knit buddy? Hoping...:)

    I personally like Black Betty, but either way, she's a beauty!

    Have fun!


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