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Friday, February 17, 2012

pinterest friday

it's pinterest friday, and this is what i pinned to my boards this week...


crocheted flowers


ladybug spinning wheel

Finger Friends -oobi!

finger friends (or known in our house as oobi!)


little bowls made from perler beads

Crock Pot Freezer Kits - Good for Emergencies

freezer cooking for the slow cooker

Meg's Everyday Indulgence! You have to try these! Pretty simple and SO SO SO good!

homemade poptarts

CUTE frog!

my nana made me something like this when i was wee...can't wait to make some for my kids!

This is just like it looks- sew it like a pillow. Cut out two of your shapes, make sure they match up so that the right sides will face out. Sew it up like a pillow leaving a small space to flip it right side out.       Fill it with heating goodies. I've heard these will all work: rice, wheat, beans, barley, oatmeal

heart shaped warmers

Duffel tutorial.

holy hanna, i want to make a bunch of these!  they're giving me 80s flashbacks!

speaking of nostalgia, remember these treats?
lip lickers.

lip lickers (i loved my root beer flavored one!)

Tinkerbell Peel-Off Polish

bo po nail polish!  i had burgundy polish and lurved it!

Anxiety Girl

anxiety girl - that's me!

irony can be found in the bottom left corner

no bully


in the end

what did you pin today?

all pins courtesy of their links; otherwise pinterest

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