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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

ribbit! ribbit good!

in honor of leap day, i ventured into toy making with these cute frogs.  meet purl frog:

each kid gets a frog (altho two got made; i botched a piece of the boy's while cutting it out, so i have to cut another piece.)  the pattern called for the frogs to be stuffed with dried beans, but i had leftover rice, flaxseed and lavender from making sachets so i filled them with that instead.

i didn't make this frog.  according to my dad, my nana's friend made this.  i remember seeing them up at the farm when i was wee.  my frog is falling apart in spots (what do you expect from a nearly 40 year old frog?) and resides on top of our desk out of the kiddos' reach.  i do like how the frog was constructed - it was probably filled from the top (the mouth) and the stitching makes cute frog lips.  legs and arms were constructed separately then stitched to the body.  someday i'll figure out the construction and make new frogs.

ribbit ribbit.

kiddos are a little meh about them.  freddie likes to swing his and hit petunia with it.  heh.

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