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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

and now, for something completely different...

my knitting mojo is pretty much nonexistent.  it's not that i don't want to knit.  i just have no gumption to do it.

i wanted to do something with my hands today, so i dug into my cross stitch stash.  i found a little ornament kit that i got on sale at joann's last summer.  it was small enough to satiate my crafting urge and had a few little quirks to keep me on my toes.

two shades of green for the lettering (i honestly didn't see a difference in either thread)

added the hearts

stitched the lettering and the hearts

what it's all about

i should have put a bit of batting behind the canvas.  or else cut it a bit smaller.

it's ornament sized - that's freddie's toy hummer for scale

i'll give this little ornament to grams.  i forgot to get her something for her housewarming when she moved.

while i was digging in my craft bag, i found this onesie.  the middle ladybug had been missing for ages (actually, it was on top of my desk).  i made the onesie originally for the boy (we didn't know if we were having a boy or girl;  i wanted to be prepared for either) and petunia wore it exactly once before the ladybug fell off (they were only ironed on).  so i dug out the needle and thread and fixed it.  it'll go in her memory box.

i found another craft kit in my bag - a punch stitch kit of owls that i got on sale at michael's last year, and i bought the punch utensil months ago.  give me something else to keep my hands busy.

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