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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

hello, old UFO

i think i might have fallen into an unintended "fast" for lent.

i've been cleaning out UFOs in hopes of making room for new projects.  i want to make another diantha but i can't until i finish another WIP shawl.  i unearthed my FLS which, apparently, i haven't touched since last winter.  i had three buttonholes and it was clear that all i had to do was finish the garter yoke then begin the lace section.  i actually backed down a size becos i was afraid the sweater would be too big, and mal grows when blocked.  (plus, EZ said that you have the right size when you're sick of knitting it, and believe me, i was sick of tracking my increases and knitting the garter).

i noticed a small hole near my cast on edge.  i'm not sure if it was a weak spot in the yarn or if a critter snacked on it.  i cut a length of yarn and kitchenered the hole shut.  

i realize i should have used a different darning technique becos it is garter stitch, but my quick repair job didn't look terribly bad.  the "flat" part faces inward, so hopefully the purl bumps on the outside look more like garter...

and how does this relate to lent?  i didn't give anything up for lent (nor add anything for that matter).  with my parents' retirement and move and the upheaval it caused, i'm trying to maintain as much "normal" in my life as possible (read, couldn't give up chocolate, coca cola or chips becos they are my "comfort" foods).

i found myself frogging things i knew wouldn't work (HRH shawl, a pair of PSOTM socks).  i finished freddie's sweater so he could wear it a few times before he outgrew it and it got warm.  i finished the fish hat becos it was an easy project taking up knit basket space.  i'm slowly working on my bourbon street shawl but that needs more attention to detail and i work on it when i'm kidlet free.

when i worked on my FLS i thought, "wouldn't it be nice to wear this when we go away for our anniversary?  it would be so cozy to wear becos it will be chilly and nice to wear with layers." our anniversary is after easter, which gave me a nice goal to work on.

another thing that occurred since i'm cleaning out projects is i'm spending less time online.  i wanted to do this anyway, but it's incredible what can be accomplished when i'm not reading ravelry and Facebook morning, noon and night.

so now i'm a few rounds into the lace section.  the sleeves are on scrap yarn and i am working the fronts and back.  it's like eating the proverbial elephant - small bites, but i feel like i'm accomplishing something.

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