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Saturday, March 31, 2012

i gotz nuttin'

i'm sad to report that i have no FOs to show off for the month of march.  my knitting mojo is at an all-time low.  heh, i have no gumption for anything - sewing, crafting, anything.  i've been reading a lot - i suppose to quiet the chatter in my head - and i can tell i'm working off some depression by the number of solitaire games i play on my phone.

i have a couple inches of my march socks.  i think i'll take them on vacation later this spring becos i like knitting socks in the car, and we'll be doing a lot of driving.

i have about half of my weasleys' pants hat half completed.  it feels like a slog.  i should take that on vacation too.  honestly, how hard is it to knit 3 more inches of hat plus decreases.  not rocket science.

my FLS lays in abandon.  so much for "completing it in time for vacation".  yeah right.

my bourbon street shawl is also on ice.  i just haven't had time to work on it in relative peace and quiet.

i haven't sewed anything in ages.  the duffle bags i want to sew are in a holding pattern until i get more webbing for the handles.  i need to go to the fabric store for that.

even my cooking skills are shot.  i made a lot of crock pot soups and a roast becos i can't be bothered to make anything on the stove top.

i have this small pathetic piece of CROCHET (of all things!) to show for as a nearly FO:

i'm attempting to crochet a dish scrubby.  i got some new mesh scrubbies but they were in sad shape; i thought that i'd try to crochet one.  i thought how hard can it be to crochet a scrubby in single crochet?  apparently in my case, very.

that's a size N hook (one pattern i looked at called for a size H - that's small!)  i tried to crochet in the round but couldn't figure out how to make the magic circle, so i decided to my a square pad instead.  it wasn't too bad, until i tried to crochet under the legs of the stitches.  i had to use a smaller hook to pull the mesh through the loops.  at this point i might as well knit a scrubby!

oh well.  tomorrow's a new month.  maybe my knitting mojo will be better!

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