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Saturday, March 10, 2012

snack time

i made the kids reusable snack pouches for church:

i can't find the pattern i used (i printed it out) but this is pretty close.  instead of using PUL i used ripstop nylon becos i read somewhere that PUL wasn't food safe.  i plan on using these for dry snack foods like cookies or crackers anyway.

i used peanuts fat quarters.  i had three different prints to differentiate between the kids - petunia gets the purple one, freddie the red, and the boy's is a green golf theme.  these fasten shut with velcro, but i read a comment somewhere that someone would make these with a zipper.  becos i can't read directions, i made about three different versions of these sacks (my turning edge opening was with the print, not the lining.  duh.)

hopefully the kids won't fight over whose snack container is whose!  

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