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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

3KCBWDAY2 - photo challenge

Today challenges you to be creative with your photography, and get yourself in with the chance to win the photography prize. Taking interesting photographs in this instance isn't about flashy cameras or a great deal of technical know-how, it's about setting up a story or scene in a photograph and capturing something imaginative. Your photograph(s) should feature something related to your craft, so that might be either a knitted or crocheted item, yarn, or one of your craft tools. One example of setting a scene would be to photograph a girl in a knitted red cape walking through the woodlands with a basket of goodies, as in the Red Riding Hood tale, or you might photograph a knitted gnome hiding among the flowers in your garden. Photo editing is permitted for competition photos. 


i received my order of you are my sunshine last week. you are my sunshine is the second limited edition colorway designed by sharon of three irish girls, in memory of little ones whose time on earth is way too short.  i promptly wound my hanks into skeins and eagerly cast on earth and sky.

i bought the little yellow elephant at dutch wonderland nearly 4 years ago.  i was 8 weeks pregnant with our second baby.  i was spotting and feared miscarriage - later that evening hubby took me to a local hospital where we learned that we lost the baby.  when we came home from the trip i stuffed the elephant into a bag with other baby things, too heartbroken to look at it.

fast forward a year and we were pregnant with the twins.  i put the elephant on a shelf with other stuffies we bought for the kiddos.  after they were born the elephant found its way into the toy box with other stuffies the kiddos didn't play with.  maybe the kiddos didn't like it becos there was only one elephant.  maybe it was becos they knew it was "ani's elephant".

i thought it appropriate that elephant see the light of day with my YAMS.  my yarn is in memory of ani, mackenzie (my other pregnancy loss) and charlie (for whom the colorway was created for).  i can't wait to finish my shawl.


  1. i loved your post today, in memory of all of those lost babies - i'm so sorry that happened to you. hugs and have a good tuesday xxx

  2. Thank you for sharing your story with us. This elephant obviously found it's place. Great photo, too.

  3. Thanks for sharing your story.

  4. Beautiful colours and a lovely way to preserve your precious memories.

  5. so sorry for the loss of your baby before the twins. Love the elephant and all he/she represents to you.


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