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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

buried treasure

during my last hurrah/snoopfest at my old house, i found these buried treasures in the cellar:

holy crap.  remember this post?  i thought for sure all my old halloween things were buried under 20 years of garbage at the local waste disposal facility.  apparently these somehow survived the move years ago.

apologies for the crap picture, but this was a cheerleader costume.

if memory serves, i wore this costume with red tights and carried my red pompoms with it.  probably first or second grade?

this was mork from "mork and mindy".  it was made by Ben Cooper, Inc.  mork and mindy was one of my favorite shows as a kid.

why i had a mork costume boggles the mind.  my mom and gram used to buy my costumes on sale after the holidays, so that's probably why i have this one.  as evidenced by the price tag, no one else wanted to dress like mork either.  if memory serves, this probably came from newberry's in berwick.  one time, they got me a captain america costume.  wish i knew why my family was trying to dress me like a boy.

dear bob, when i opened the cheerleader box, the musty smell of the cellar almost knocked me over.  i actually coughed and gagged.  when i opened the mork box, it stank and i found mouse turds in the bottom of the box; hence no picture of the full costume.  there was a brunette ponytail wig in the box too. i honestly don't remember ever wearing this;  perhaps my dad wore it for a halloween party, or someone wore it for the haunted houses my church's youth group used to have.

sadly, the kids will not know the pleasure of wearing these "flame retarded" (i just threw up in my mouth typing that word) with "ventilated masks".  they stank too much.

maybe i should sell them on ebay.  a similar mork costume is going for $27.50 (mouse turds probably not included).  crappers, i wish i had some of my old costumes.  some of mine would have been worth a bundle.  raggedy ann, strawberry shortcake, witch, ET.  oh well.

i told mom about the costumes and she said that she and dad pitched a mickey mouse mask when they plundered the cellar.  i vaguely remember having a mickey mask when i was little.  makes me wonder if the bag o' masks was at the new homestead after all and got tossed in the dumpster before they moved.  sigh.

kids costumes have come a long way since we wore sweaty plastic suits and sticky masks back in the day.  

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