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Monday, April 30, 2012

prepping for vacation

this is out of order, but this is how i get ready for vacation.

my parents watched the kids while we were away, which meant getting meals and snacks around for them.  gummy fruits, apple sauce, crackers and other snack treats.  mom said they would probably have takeout for supper (pizza, chinese, subway) but i still had mac and cheese, tortellini and plenty of bread on hand for sandwiches.  i roasted a chicken for them to pick at, had salad fixings and plenty of fresh fruit and veggies on hand.

we were going to canada, so we had to dig these out.  i'm not world traveller;  it felt exciting to have a passport on hand.  we got them last year - now we're free to travel wherever we want (well, within financial reason).

in addition to my knitting bag, i took books along.  i wish i knew why i took three books when i knew quite well i wouldn't have time to read.

hubby and i shared a suitcase, since we were going to be away for a couple of days.   i took comfy jeans and tshirts that felt good and made me feel good.  make sure to take at least two pairs of comfy shoes.  i wore my birks but took my clogs along since they were calling for cool rainy weather later in our visit.   i took a sweater for the chillier days and wore a shawl during the chilly walk on clifton hill.  i packed a swim suit and coverup becos our hotel had a pool and i like to swim to work out my achy muscles and joints.  our room had a jacuzzi (it was a honeymoon suite) so it got more of a workout than the hotel one.

i carried my favorite patchwork purse only to have the strap break on the last day of the trip.  good thing i had my shawl and a scarf tied around the handle - i used them as makeshift straps.  next time i'll carry my vera bradley hipster!  i'm thinking about investing in a hands-free bag for when we travel with the kids - i'll have a lot more to carry with them!

we took snacks along and our own drinks (water and mountain dew).  the water was easy to carry around (i know i should use a reusable bottle; that ship sailed) and was cheaper than buying at a store.  we still bought treats up there.

that, in a nutshell, is how we travel.

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