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Saturday, May 26, 2012

falling down yet again

as if i didn't buy enough yarn at MDSW or in canada, i acquired these beauties recently.

the first two yarns were purchased at the loopy ewe .  this is lorna's laces shepherd worsted multi in franklin's panopticon.  i saw someone knitting with this at maryland and thought it was an urban myth!  for some reason i thought it was a limited edition colorway.  i wanted a skein in fingering so i could knit a pair of socks, but this was the only weight available.  the colorway has two of my favorite colors in it - chartreuse and brown.  it'll prolly look clown barfy knitted up, but it felt delightfully squishy.  i've no clue what i'll use it for - prolly a cowl for myself.

also by lorna's laces, this is sole mate in bigger on the inside.  yep, i bought TARDIS yarn!  i would love to use it to knit up the shawl bigger on the inside, except it calls for two skeins, and i could only afford one.  i'm sure i'll find a shawl worthy of this yarn.

you know the ads at the bottom of ravelry pages?  they are the devil.  they helped me discover haldecraft  and here's what tempted me:

this is sock monkey in merino/cashmere/nylon.  oh boy, this feels soooo good and squishy!  I'm tempted to break my sock club promise and knit up a pair of socks with this!  

lorena created color ways based on the star wars series.  this is bounty hunter in super wash merino.  i used my flash to get an accurate shot of the colorway.  these will probably be socks.  love the colors.  she also had a few color ways that i can't wait to order sometime - there is no try (green yoda color), astromech droid (the white, blue and silver of R2D2) and carbonate (pewter color).  i also want browncoat (based on firefly) and soylent green (based on the 70s movie and one of my favorites).

this is a very special mug.  lorena also creates fabulous ceramics, and she had these adorable messy yarn mugs.  my mug is a one-off piece - she goofed up the glazes and my mug has two green glazes and a pumpkin glaze (instead of three green).  the result was a green mug with twingy brownish orange bits in spots.  her goof was my gain!  i personally love the bits and it makes the yarn look tweedy.  she offers several different colors and this would make a wonderful gift for a beloved knitter!  it's a small cup, i'd say it would be perfect for a cuppa, but i'll probably use it for a knitting catchall and a place to park my jewelry.

i need to put a moratorium on my paypal account.  etsy is just too darn tempting!

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