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Monday, August 13, 2012

keep it cool

this summer was one of the hottest on record.  it's important to stay hydrated when it's hot out, so you'll find me with a bottle of water and my favorite water glass on the end table next to me.  i use glass water pitchers becos i think plastic or resin pitchers make water taste funny.  i have this pitcher and two similar one liter pitchers.  i also love my tap water bottle.

a few weeks ago i was feeling bad about myself, and i needed a pick me up.  i remembered my fish jug and filled it with cold water and a few glugs of lemonade.  it holds about 2 glasses of water, so i made a lot of trips to the kitchen to refill it.  best of all, the "glug glug glug" sound the pitcher makes when you pour the water makes me giggle.  

this jug sat on my microwave stand for a better part of a year, ignored.  what a waste!  lesson learned - don't let things sit and gather dust - use them!  my jug is cheerful and using it makes me feel like a million bucks!

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