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Monday, September 3, 2012

limited edition codex

the verdant gryphon unleashed codex onto the masses a few weeks ago.  when the sanguine gryphon parted ways earlier this year, codex was one of the bases that got dropped.  gryphon was selling 300 (i think) skeins with only a dozen color ways to pick from (fans voted and the most popular colors won).  skeins would be dyed to order.  

how serious am i about my codex?  serious enough that i set my phone to alarm me 15 minutes before sale (and an hour before that), have my payment information plugged in so when the sale went live i could click and buy.  at first my page sat and spun and i was afraid that the site crashed but i got through and bought three skeins (i wish i could've bought more buy my pocketbook wouldn't handle it).  i got these a few days ago...  Untitled




i have no idear what i'll do with them.  hoard them probably.  make another hat or a cowl most likely.  my newly shorn head is going to be mighty cold this winter, and codex will warm it nicely.  

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