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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

how i spent one rainy morning

last week we had a lot of rain.  after walking the kids' to school, getting wet feet, feeling tired and not in an exercise mood (bad mama), i decided to spend the morning pampering myself.


i made a pot of chocolate chai tea (in my new tea pot that i got months ago but sat on my stove neglected), grabbed a black and white cookie, the sock i started knitting, and listened to the rain.

as much as i needed to work out at the gym, buy groceries and clean the house,  i really needed that  morning to nourish my soul.  i always feel guilty when i slack off, but honestly, i probably need more of that.  stay at home moms who spend their days caring for others need to take the time to care for themselves - if they don't, who will?

now i need to make a cozy for my tea pot.  any pattern suggestions?

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