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Saturday, October 6, 2012

purple cowl

my knitting has been stagnant, so i knocked this cowl off my needles becos, honestly, i was tired of knitting it.

niemiknits cowl.  knit on size 9 needles (pattern called for size 11 but it was really loose so i backed down 2 needle sizes).  jade sapphire mongolian cashmere 12 ply in hydrangea (very lovely yarn!  soft, sproingy, would love more of it).



blocked out.  i probably could have skipped a few repeats becos it blocked out long and well past the 24 inches it was supposed to be...


a close up of the lace pattern - nice and easy...


at first i tried silver buttons, but they were too small for the cowl.  they needed something chunkier.  also, when i sewed the cowl end to end, it was really big...


modeling cowl 1.0 - dear bob, i look


so i plundered my button stash more (really, i have a sizable button stash, but apparently i have the wrong buttons!) and found two chunky purple buttons and one chunky white.  i would have loved matchy matchy buttons, but i didn't want to go out and buy more buttons when i had jars and tins full of them.

i sewed the cowl ends together, overlapping by 6 inches (to help with the bulk) then sewed on the buttons.  i would have loved to use the holes in the pattern as button holes to make the cowl adjustable but the buttons were too big.


Untitled Untitled

gee, i look like i'm looking for a butt to kick, don't i?

i have enough yarn to make a pair of quick mitts.  if i have the energy to knit them!

i wanted something to knit when we went to jim thorpe a few weeks ago, so i decided to make a simple brioche cowl.  rav linky is here.  knit with knit picks biggo yarn on size 8's, this cowl is knit back and forth and then stitched together.  i lost my pattern sheet, but the stitch pattern was brk1 k3.  this makes a reversible cowl.  it's easy to knit, but i did have to pay attention.  i don't have to tell you how hard it is to tink back and fix miscounted stitches.  the cowl has a couple of goofs, but who is going notice (or have the marbles to point them out)?


now i have some neck warmers - time to make some hats to cover my shorn head!

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