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Sunday, October 28, 2012

what's in an online name?

i read an interesting ravelry discussion about online names.  someone complained that it seemed that when someone had a baby, they changed their name to reflect that they were a parent.  they felt that it was as if they were giving up their identity and wasn't the point of having an online name be something that reflected yourself?  given this theory, i should have about 50 names by now.  i've been a lot of things over the course of my life.

over a year ago i changed my online name from divamcknitster to k1k2.  i gave my reasoning as i was no longer the knitting diva i thought i was and i was proud of my status as a mom, especially of twins.  at the time all the cool knitting twin names were already taken on ravelry (i really wanted k1p2 or some variation) so k1k2 i became.  i thought my name reflected who i was - a mom who "knitted" twins and a big kid (did anyone catch my biblical reference?  hope so!).  i wasn't g03mum anymore (my name after i had the boy) and i certainly wasn't a nedhead either (my name in college).  i seriously considered the name i created when i got married but it was linked to my good email account, and i didn't really want to share it.

the beauty of creating your online identity is that it should reflect who you are or what you want to be.  if you're proud of being a parent, then why shouldn't you have a parenty name?  love dogs?  i'm not going to laugh at you if you are knit4doxies.  some people choose names to remember someone or something.  what a beautiful sentiment.

whatever name you choose, rock it!

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