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Monday, February 4, 2013

showing off shawls

a couple years ago hubby got this mirrored coat rack gratis from someone he helped.  it sat in the back porch collecting dust, destined for the rummage sale bin.

a few months ago one of my favorite bloggers posted about what she did with her shawls.  she hung them on a shaker peg board.  i thought it was an awesome arrangement, although i had no place to hang a pegboard, as we have coat hooks by the front and back doors and they contained, well, our coats.  i didn't know where else i could hang them becos i wanted to show them off.

i remembered this coat rack and toyed with stripping and staining it, or painting it a totally different color, but i had no idear where to put it.  one night as i was going to bed, i noticed one of our bedroom walls.  it had a couple pictures hanging on it (an old picture of the boy and a caricature we did at a fall festival).  i thought it would be a good place to hang the coat rack and put my shawls on it.  

the kids were at my parents' house for the weekend and hubby and i were working around the house and he offered to hang up the rack.


(that's my hope chest underneath the rack, covered with pillows, a quilt and our childhood stuffies.)


i love how colorful my shawls are, and they lend a splash of color in our otherwise plain bedroom.  

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