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Saturday, March 23, 2013

a heart for newtown

i made a square for knitters for newtown.  it's only one square, but i hope it brings comfort to the one who receives it.


more details here.  this pattern is so quick to knit up, i completed it in an evening.

i made this square with yarn that i bought originally for baby layettes.  i bought it at rosie's yarn cellar shortly before i got pregnant with ani, and although i tried to knit a bunting with the peach yarn for the petunia, i just couldn't do it.  this really was ani's yarn.

i did a destash a few weeks ago and the yarns were on the sale list, but after having a rather sour experience with the the destash critics, took the yarn out of circulation.  i wanted to do something good with the yarn, and decided a square was the way to go.

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