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Thursday, March 14, 2013

bodies are weird

you know how in sixth grade kids get "the talk"?  the girls meet with the nurse and talk about periods and body development, and the boys meet with the gym teacher or coach and talk about boy things (i'm  assuming, that's what they talked about)?  i personally think girls/women should have updated talks in their teens...and twenties...and thirties...becos man, our bodies are weird.  i wish that when i was in college (i'd stretch to high school even) someone would have told me to plan ahead when thinking about children;  that infertility can happen to young women, and that pregnancy loss can occur.  and i really wish that someone sat me down and talked to me about perimenopause.

i think i mentioned in this space that my period stopped for several months.  i was poked (with needles) and probed (by the dildocam) so much i felt like a science experiment.  i visited three doctors and inquired about my thyroid yet no one had any answers.  my hormone levels were normal.  no thyroid issues.  i was nowhere near menopause but my body was probably starting perimenopause.  twice my ob/gyn prescribed me meds to jump start a period, becos apparently if you don't bleed regularly, you can get cancer.  oookay.

in january i scheduled my yearly checkup with the intent that if i hadn't gotten my period by then i would get meds to kick start one.  at that point i hadn't had a cycle since mid summer - about nine months.  in early january i had a touch of spotting but shrugged it off.  at the end of january i had the shark week to end all shark weeks, complete with a skull crushing migraine, insomnia, and night sweats amongst other nasty PMS symptoms (supposedly there are up to 100 different PMS symptoms.  who knew?)

one month later i had another visit from aunt flo - this cycle was kinder than the last, except i still got a migraine, my joints ached (my hip hurt so much it almost gave out on me) and my PN was terrible.  this cycle was longer than usual - 28 days (i tend to have 23 day cycles).  i was thankful my HS didn't flare as it seems to be fed by hormones.

it remains to be seen if i'll have a cycle in march.  and i still have absolutely no idear where my cycles were during late 2011/2012 or why it started up now.  i know that cycles can get wonky with stress, and i'll admit that last year was a bit stressful, but i've had way worse stressful times and my cycle never acted up then.  i sometimes wonder if my weight loss had something to do with the absence, as that's common too, but - 15 months with no natural cycle - normal?

bodies sure are weird.

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