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Saturday, March 9, 2013

knits on tv - the carrie diaries

i am a huge fan of the show sex and the city and was excited when, a couple years ago, candace bushnell wrote a prequel to her original novel (and basis of the series).  titled the carrie diaries, the book tells the story of a teenaged carrie bradshaw.  the book was turned into a tv series.  i watch it not only becos i love the SATC universe, but i also get a kick out of the music and fashions of the era, as i'm a child of the 80s.

a few weeks ago a thanksgiving episode aired, and i was delighted to find it chock full of knits!  these knits really describe the era, but i think some could find a home in 2013 as well.

carrie (played by annasophia robb) and the mouse (played by ellen wong).  the mouse is wearing a beautiful fair isle sweater.  

carrie's dad tom (played by matt letscher), wearing a cabled zipper collar sweater.  i found this pattern that looks similar to his sweater.

carrie's sister dorrit (played by stephania owen) wearing an intarsia sweater.  i think i had a similar sweater that i wore in junior high, except mine was fuchsia.

can i saw how much i love this cowl?!!!  carrie's friend maggie (played by katie findlay), wearing a garter stitch and eyelet cowl.  i dug through cowl patterns on ravelry and couldn't find anything like it.  turns out it's not eyelet but a studded knit snood.  i'm still going to knit it with eyelets...

carrie's dad wearing a shawl collared sweater.  this pattern is pretty close to what he's wearing.

carrie's boyfriend george (played by richard kohnke) wearing a blue cable knit sweater, and his dad, also wearing a shawl collared sweater, this one in a salt and paper knit.  this cable sweater is the closest i could find to george's sweater.

dinner time with walt's family, with loads of knits!

walt (brendan dooling) wearing a funky ski sweater and maggie wearing a demure cable sweater.  couldn't find any patterns for the ski sweater and surprisingly, the cable sweater, but her sweater looks like it has the six stitch cable cross.

walt's dad's sweater - is that a lice sweater?

walt's granddad with a fair isle sweater vest.

carrie wearing color block gloves!  i thought these rocked!  this fingerless mitt pattern may work - it may be altered to add fingers.
Untitled Untitled

carrie wearing a fair isle cowl.  here is a similar cowl.

this show is a not quite in the league as the original show, but it's light fare and fun to watch.  and as always, fashionable.


this is what a snood is.

this is what a cowl is.

apparently, i knit snoods, not cowls.

who knew?

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