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Sunday, April 21, 2013

casting off...for now

after much thought, i've decided that i am taking a hiatus from my blog.

i started this blog nearly six years ago as a way to share my thoughts about knitting, being a mom, and my reflections about life in general.  i shared my FOs, bragged about yarn acquisitions, and shared bits and pieces of my life.  my blog became my online scrapbook of sorts, where i expressed sadness regarding my pregnancy loss, my fears with a twins pregnancy, and shared joyful times celebrating birthdays, vacations, and ordinary days.

i've arrived at a point in my life that...i don't have much to say anymore.  my children are older now and busy with school and activities.  i am still knitting, but not so much anymore.  i can't remember the last time i wrote a review about a book or movie, nor have i shared a cooking triumph in ages.

i used to panic when i noticed that i hadn't posted anything in a few days.  i felt that i should have posted several times a week.  writing felt like an effort, it was stressing me out, and i decided to take a break from it.

that's not to say that i won't ever write again.  on the contrary, i'm sure i will have many more stories to tell, and when the time is right, i will share them.  

in the meantime, be happy, be excellent to one another, and KNIT ON!