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Sunday, August 25, 2013

**we are four**

kiddos turned four years old a few weeks ago.  

birthday cake at nan and pap's house.  we went to knoebels earlier in the day and drove to their house afterward for a little party.  freddie wasn't feeling well - feverish, quiet, mopey.  he acted that way at the park, and he all but took a nap on me at my folks' house.  little did we know...


a few days later, on their actual birthday, freddie's fever was gone but he had sore throat, little appetite and was still tired.  now petunia came down with the same sick.  fever, tired, unfocused.  they had their annual checkup that morning and the doctor said that summer virus was going around, with no treatment except for tylenol for the fever and aches and ice pops and ice cream for the sore throat.  happy bday kids!!


the next day they felt up to cake.  petunia still had fever but felt a little perkier, freddie was getting his energy back, and now big kid was sick - he actually cried that he felt so bad, and it takes a lot to make my boy cry.  fun times!


i can't get over how grown up they are, now that they are four years old. i still look at my kids and think they should only be toddlers.  it doesn't seem long ago that they were just tiny little babies.

the kiddos are going to preschool three days a week for three hours.  they are still learning to ride bike, enjoy coloring, playing with cars and fighting with each other.  it's so much fun watching them grow up, watching their personalities change, glimpsing peeks at who they are becoming.