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Sunday, August 4, 2013

where did summer go?

i would like to know!

the kids go back to school in a few weeks.  it feels like they just got out of school!  we had a busy summer, with the kids going to three bible schools, the boy went to church camp, and trips to the playground and bike park filled our days.  

yet again, the summer got away from me and i didn't get to do things i'd planned.  missed some movies, didn't get to go to the pool (the boy had two free swim passes, and we didn't get to go during the last heat wave, and now that the weather is cooler - low 80s, upper 70s - feel too cool to swim.  we went to knoebels a few times, and we will go a few more in the future, but we didn't get to swim there either.  we wanted to go on a few outings - to the crayola crayon factory, to choo choo barn - but we couldn't get our schedules to work.  

my garden did pretty well this summer, but the heat wave and blight took its toll on my tomatoes.  my grape tomato plants are all but dead, and my heirloom plants are slowly dying.  my roma tomato plants are steadily producing, and i froze the ones i picked in anticipation of making tomato sauce in a few weeks.  my cucumber plants are doing pretty well, and i've made pickles with some of them.  next year i'm going to change the layout of my plants, add a bush cucumber plant, and keep track of the apples.  i want to make pectin with them, but all summer they fell on the ground and instantly turned wormy.  still have my eye on my pears.  they're still a bit small, so they should be ready soon.

i canned pickles this past week.  i made bread and butter pickles, dill pickles and kosher pickles.  i'd like to do another batch of bread and butter pickles.  i also made a batch of mixed berry jelly - i picked up raspberries, blackberries and blueberries at market and decided to make a jelly out of them.  holy crow, did that jelly come out great!


i haven't been knitting much this summer - too tired, too hot, and wavering mojo.  i finished my age of brass and steam shawl with fiber optic yarns paintbox gradient kasmir yarn.


beautiful, scrumptious yarn.  i bought more gradient yarn, this time in colorway aqua to chocolate.  i want to make a circle shawl with it, and i'm still trying to decide which pattern to use...


 i made petunia a cardi - remind me to not make a pieced sweater again!  piecing a sweater together is a pita!  i'm in the process of knitting freddie's, so i get to piece another one!  i'm contemplating knitting a sweater for the boy.  his will be a top down seamless sweater, as bob is my witness!

i have some shawls in the queue, and a lot of WIPs to finish.  i'm hoping to get some knit time in when the kiddos go to school - they'll be in school three mornings a week, so i should be able to eke out some knit time there.


i made a storage roll case for my crochet hooks.  i am taking a intro to crochet class at KDO this year (don't laugh, but i want to learn to make granny squares so i can use up my stash for blankets!) and i wanted a neat case for my hooks.  i used this tutorial to make mine, tweaking it a little bit to take a button and loop instead.  i love it!

Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled

the boy went to the library a few times for their summer program, and i took the kiddos once, but the kids who attended were babies/early toddlers.  the program met in the library that day, and the room we were in was too crowded with parents and kids.  the kiddos were actually BORED.  maybe next year, i can get my act together, and send the kids to the same program!

we took the kids to a couple baseball games - we left the first one becos i had a nasty case of hives, and hubby took the boy to see another game.  the kiddos seemed to enjoy the game;  the big kid has always liked going to games.

i'm looking forward to the kids going to school.  i think the kids are looking forward to the school routine too. it's tough entertaining three kids with different interests.  we watched a lot of dvds, and hubby took the kids to the playground and the "bike park" to give me a little break.

i have so many plans for when school starts!  the house needs a deep cleaning.  i have a lot of outgrown toys and clothes to go through and send to consignment or pack in deep storage.  i get to go to the gym three times a week!  i haven't gone all summer!  i planned to go early in the morning, before hubby went to work, but i either slept in or had the groggies and couldn't get it together.  oops.  so i gotta get back on the exercise routine.  i feel better when i do!

until then, i'm making the most of what's left of summer.