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Monday, October 7, 2013

Double digits

Someone turned ten recently!

The boy had two bday celebrations. My parents treated him (plus us) to a weekend long party where we spent a morning at chuck e cheese, picked books at Barnes and noble, and swam at the hotel pool. Hubby and I took him to tRu where he picked up sonic the hedgehog figures and figures from another cartoon (adventure time? Can't remember). 

Kid made out like a bandit gift wise.  Sketchbooks, including two kits on drawing superheroes, a clue game, and clothes. He got gift cards from my ILs and aunt to get games or movies from amazon. 

He took cake cookies to school for snack, and on his actual bday, ate at our favorite Mexican restaurant, watched movies and played wii. Not a bad bday!

Some days I still see the little boy who loved going to the library.  I see him snuggling his snoopy in the bed that the kiddos now share, in the room that was once his. I hear him giving fire and brimstone sermons at his grandfathers' pulpits; racing around the sanctuary, his own private playground. 

I am so proud of my boy. So smart, bringing home a's and b's from school. So funny, telling jokes, making funny faces, acting like a goofball. He is also kind, helping out a classmate, a grandparent, his brother or sister. I'm proud of the young man he is quickly becoming. 

Happy birthday big kid!  I love you very much!