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Saturday, August 21, 2010

the albatross

finally, some photos of "the albatross", aka my norry fair clapotis.  may it win me a ribbon.


this photo makes me look like i'm taking a leak.  or getting frisked.


the albatross as a wrap.  very lovely, with nice sheen.  a nice wrap for warm weather.


the albatross as a scarf.  nice, but i think i like it better as a wrap.  but a scarf is a nice option to have, spesh under a blazer.

the albatross was knit with ester bitran linares, a cotton/viscose blend.  lovely sheen and color, but an absolute witch to knit with.  and i'm not alone - if you read the reviews of projects knit with this yarn, the major complaint is that it is extremely splitty and finicky to knit with.  amen!  i guess i should research the yarn before buying - it would have saved me some heartache!

i hate taking pictures of myself showing off my FOs.  for one thing, i just have a problem with my body image.  i am no julia roberts.  but dear Bob, look at my belly.  never mind the kiddos are a year old!  and i suppose i shouldn't take pictures after i've taken a bath (hence the wet head) or a sunburn (after a day at the pool despite copious amounts of sunblock).  and i know i should take photos during the sunlight hours, but that's hard to do when no one is home to help me (except the kiddos and they can't take pictures very well;  nor do i want them to break my camera!)

my question for you:  how do you take aesthetically pleasing photos of your FOs?

ETA - the yarn i used to knit the albatross.  my brain is on channel Z - my bad.


  1. Lovely clapotis, and it looks great on you! I wear my Clapotis a lot, and I always get lots of comments on it.
    What yarn is it knit with?

  2. Beautiful Clapotis! I'm still working on mine. I think I'll be in a nursing home before I ever get it finished!!!

    As for taking pics of FOs I often wonder the same thing. Mine regularly look like crud. If you get any fabulous tips on it, you'll have to pass them along!


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