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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

my brayn haz teh dubmz

i finished the jaywalker socks with a day to spare.  tomorrow they go for exhibition.  win momma some money and a blue ribbon!



grumperina's jaywalker, knit on size 1s with Cherie Anne Designs sock yarn that i got at KDO 2 years ago.  nice yarn, very soft if a bit splitty, and the yarn has a slub in it.  the slub makes the PSSOs look a bit shaggy.  i personally like it, but i'm hoping i don't get marked down for it, as the pattern looks best with a smooth stripy pattern.

i crammed to get this pair of socks finished in time for fair.  last night as i was feverishly turning the heel, hubby made this comment:

"i've seen that look on you before.  it's your 'i gotta get it knit before xmas' look."

i gave him permission to smack me with my sock blockers if i ever pulled this shit again.  i can't do knitting on the edge anymore.  not with 3 kids and an incredibly unpredictable schedule.  for next year's fairs, if something is considered fairworthy, i am not sharing it with my teacher.  the albatross and these socks about killed me.

a while back the yarn harlot wrote about her own personal sock of the month club.   a SOTM club is a sort of membership where you pay a fee (dues?) and in return, each month, you receive a skein of yarn and a pattern to knit with it.  depending on the group, it could mean different brands of yarn, or it could be a designer/spinner who is testing new yarns.  anywho, in this post, the yarn harlot described how doing this self-imposed SOTM has been helping her destash her yarn plus test new patterns.  she started back in the spring, and has managed to crank out a pair of socks (sometimes 2) each month.

i have tons of sock stash, and in recent months i started cranking out the socks.  i decided to take on her challenge, so in september i'll cast on a pair of socks and try to complete them within the month.

i chose this yarn:


schoeller+stahl fortissima colori socka color in USA flag.  i got it 2 years ago at the mannings.  it's part of my "ani" stash.   i've been thinking about this yarn lately, and thought it was time to dust it off and do something with it.  at first i thought is red white and blue okay for september?  then i remembered 9/11, and decided that it was the perfect month for it.  i have an awesome yarn lined up for october - can't wait to get that one out!

i thought september would be a good time to start a sock destash.  i always considered september 1st to be the beginning of the year more so than january 1st.  guess all those years of school are still engrained in me.

i took the time yesterday to clean out my "mommy binder" and folders.  i still hadn't disposed of the boy's old calendars and notices from last year.  they're gone now, and the recipes i tore out are also put away - loosely, but away at least:


what every well-heeled mother should have:  a wonder woman folder.  and yes, the boy picked that out for me.  if only i had her magic lasso, bracelets and invisible jet!


  1. Yes, you are Wonder Woman!

  2. LOL! yesterday i bought another WW folder at walmart!! it needed a friend!


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