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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

the perfect craft room

guys have man caves.  what do we gals have?  a secret drawer?  a closet?  how many lucky few actually have their own personal room?

our 3 BR home doesn't have a lot of extraneous space.  it's interesting how 3 kids can make a seemingly large home feel crowded!  we have one closet (our home was built in the era where closets were taxed as rooms), which converted from my spacious walk in closet to the boy's (eventually all the kids) toy closet.  the previous owners built a closet in the boy's room and a set of shelves and cupboards in the the room which is the nursery.  once upon a time, these spaces were full of my (and hubby's) things;  now they contain books, stuffies (the shelves) outgrown but waiting to be grown into toys (the cupboards) and the boy's clothes and my clothes that i don't trust in the attic (the closet).

the house has a side porch which was closed in years ago (also by the previous owners).  they used it as a music room.  when we moved in we turned it into a TV room.  it's amazing how for nearly 5 years we lived in that room and barely ventured into the rest of the house.  when the boy started walking, we moved the tv into the living room, which became our family room.  the TV room turned into the computer room and we built a nice shelving unit in there for my books.

earlier this year we moved the old computer out of the room and i recycled the desk into a craft desk.  i also have some rolling drawers full of crafting supplies.  and my stash hamper blocks the front door and all my knitting shit stuff extends 5 feet from there.

my "craft room/library" is also the dumping ground for the boy's toys.  we agreed to a downstairs space where he could play with his things and not worry about the kiddos getting into them.  hubby also set up an old TV and his old gaming systems so the boy can play video games.  yes, the boy plays games on a 20 year old system.  and he's good at it!

some of my favorite bloggers described their crafting spaces.  mine's a jumbled one at best.  i dream that one day, when we move into larger digs, that i may had my own craft space, even if it's a large closet.  my ultimate dream would be for a room the size of the TV room, where i can have my books, my crafting stuff, my stash, plus floor space for blocking and/or my yoga mat.  but since we plan on sticking around in our comfy old house until the mortgage is burned (in about 5 years) i make do with what i have.

do you have a crafting space?  what does it look like?  what would you change to make it better, or do you like it just as it is?

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