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Thursday, August 26, 2010

august is not a kind month to knees

for the past few weeks my screwed up right knee has been paining me.  throw in being short and fat, having corgi-like legs, carrying 40 lbs of twins for 35 weeks and walking up and down steep steps a dozen times a day with them has done a real number on both my knees and my hips.  swimming last weekend goofed me up worse and now not only do my knees hurt but my hips are locking on me.  next week can't come fast enough - i get my swim pass then!

so imagine my surprise when this came in the mail today:


i'm not sure why they think i need a scooter.  the mailing actually insulted me.

i loathe those stupid jazzies.  yes, i realize that they are valuable to someone who has problem with moving around.  but i rarely see an old person on those scooters.  i blanch when i see one in a store - i don't know how many times i've almost been run over by one.  okay i get it - you need a scooter.  but that doesn't give you license to take up the entire aisle while my cart is squeezed to the side and knocking over merchandise.

yesterday my mom was watching the kids while i ran errands.  when i came home mom was sitting on the couch - she felt and heard her "good" knee POP and couldn't walk on it.  she called dad who ran her to the ER.  turned out she had a baker's cyst behind her knee which burst.  she didn't even have to sit in the ER long - she was the only customer, she didn't need films, and was sent home with a script for souped up pain killers and the instructions to stay off her feet for a couple of days.

hubby suggested that i give the scooter mailing to my mom.  i'm not sure she'll find the humor in it as i do.

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