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Friday, September 3, 2010

knitting bags

i love knitting bags.  i've had different ones since i learned to knit.  i thought i'd share what kind of bags i've used and the things i carry in them.

i currently carry a liberty of london bag that i got at target this summer. i always wanted something that was made with liberty of london material and i used "getting a new knitting bag" as an excuse to buy something.   technically it's a tote, but it's probably the simplest knitting bag i own.  it has a couple inside pockets where i stash my knit kit, my phone, keys and wallet (when i really pare down for group).


the green accordion file holds my patterns.  i have different tabs for current projects, TBA projects, and stuff that i just want with me.  i carry the "knitalong" book with me in case i get tired of knitting at group and want something to read.  the 3 cases hold my stitch markers, sock needles, and stitch holders.  the black booklet contains post it notes and arrows.  hubby got it as swag at his work's professional leadership day, and he didn't want it, so i claimed it to use for making notes on my patterns.  did i say it has tons of stickies in it?  the pink bag contains my yoga wrap, and the small blue one is my sock bag.  the yoga girl bag contains all sorts of knitty things like stitch markers, tapestry needles, scissors, counters and such.  i really don't need it, but it's where i stow my spare things:


remember a couple of weeks ago when i showed the contents of my boxes and goofed up showing the second compartment of my green one?  here it is:


this is the first knitting bag i ever got.  i ordered it online, since my LYS had only natural ones and i wanted a black one:


i loved all the pockets and compartments, but it was a pain to carry around - the metal folding feet and legs would dig into my side and legs when i carried it.  and oh, was it cumbersome when it got heavy.  i didn't even carry my knitting in it.  it was strictly patterns, gadgets, needle cases and general stuff.  i carried my knitting in a rice basket.  now i use it to store folders, extra tools, needles, labels,


extra tools, labels


i store my "good" straights in here.


my DPN roll, extra sock DPNs, knit klips and my magnetic board live here too.

i think i got my rolling tote over 2 years ago ago at jo-ann's.  this bag is pretty similar to the one i have.  i picked it up as a lark and got it for a great price becos not only was the bag on sale that day, but i had a 40% coupon too.  that bag was awesome cos i could load it up and it was heavy as the dickens, and the best part was that i didn't have to sling it over my shoulder, just roll it on the floor.  the only bad part was it was a PITA to put in my car, which at the time was my baby beretta, the back seat was tiny, and the bag didn't fit either on the floor or on the seat (as the boy's car seat was there at the time).  this was strictly a gadget bag as well, and i carried my knitting to and from places in the rice basket.


the bag sits vacant now, with empty folders and needle cases in it.  the front pocket contains extra patches and needle gauges.  the needle pockets on the sides are empty too. the only downside was that  the bag wasn't as pocket-y as i liked.  i carried a lot of pouches and containers (like the hippo and frog cases) for my little gadgets.


my black knitting bag used to sit in the living room by the front door, where it was so accessible.  we got a new end table and the bag had to move;  in addition the kiddos became more mobile at that time and with all the needles, scissors and sharp things in the bag, i didn't want them to get into it.  the black bag sits next to my craft desk.  the purple rolling bag is in front of my stash hamper.  i had no idear it was so empty - i think i'll use it to store stash, since i really don't see me using it much in the  near future.

okay, i showed you mine, now it's time to show me yours.  what kind of knitting bag do you have, and what do you carry in it?  

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