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Saturday, September 4, 2010

process or project?

the yarn harlot writes about process knitters and product knitters.

process knitters are knitters who knit for knit's sake.  they enjoy the process of knitting and are even sick enough willing to frog and reknit their project.

product knitters are knitters who enjoy cranking out projects.

i think i'm a combo of the two.  it depends on my mood.  some projects i can pound out in no time at all.  some projects i dabble with, having no set schedule to complete them.

i recently completed some projects for fair exhibition.  they felt like a drudgery.  i hate to say that becos i did like the end results.  i just don't like being under a deadline for knitting.

i suppose that makes me a process knitter.

did i say i really hate labels?

indulge me...are you a process or product knitter/crocheter/crafter?

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