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Thursday, September 30, 2010

socktoberfest - PSOTMC for october 2010

ziggy zaggy ziggy zaggy oy oy oy!!

diva's feeling a bit disillusioned lately, as evidenced by my rather negative posts of late.  i need to pull myself out of this hole i dug and am doing so by writing about my newest installment of my personal sock of the month club for october.


this is the kissing cousin to my skein of USA sock yarn from last month's psotm club.  meet german flag by schoeller +stahl fortissima colori socka.  purchased at the mannings during my losing ani yarn binge, i bought the yarn becos of the german heritage in my family (both mine and hubby's).

i don't plan on doing a fancy pattern with this yarn.  it is self striping, so i think the sock will look best in plain stockinette, with a short row heel to maintain the continuity of the stripe.  my other goal with the sock is to make them as "identical" as possible.  it's my challenge!

i started my sock a day early (yeah, i'm a cheater but it's my own personal sock club so i can tweak the rules if i want!) becos i needed a small project while we were at the boy's initial orthodontist appointment.  yes, the mcknitsters are becoming an orthodontic family.  the boy has a cross and underbite, and will require an appliance to stretch his upper jaw to provide room when his secondary teeth erupt, and braces to both straighten and move his teeth back into place.  the boy is a little apprehensive - he's afraid of being laughed at.  he'll probably be the only one in his class with braces as he's nearly a year older than some of the kids in his grade.  i'm sure he'll be fine, and remind him that the work will give him a nice strong smile.

anyway, i got about 2 inches of cuff done today.  i'm off to a great start!  and since i don't have a self imposed finish date as i had with "i remember" last month, i have all of october to finish the socks (and maybe make the second sock of ETH if i finish early enough!)

ziggy zaggy ziggy zaggy oy oy oy!!!

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