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Saturday, October 2, 2010

boom boom in the new craft/gaming room

for weeks hubby and i talked about cleaning up the computer room and rearranging the furniture.  in order to undertake this endeavor, we had to clean out all the boy's shit toys and stuff.  so i bulldozed and piled into buckets, boxes and baskets and carried them to the stairs, where hubby carried them up to the boy's room (of course, this doesn't include the 2 trashbags full of toys that are still out in the back porch from an earlier purge).  i also boxed up a display cabinet full of angel figurines (the cabinet is going up to grams for her knick knacks).  then, working from front to back, we moved furniture, straightened shelves, vacuumed and purged more stuff.  all told, it took about 4 hours.  thank goodness for napping kiddos and the boy being over at mom and dad's.


near the front door is the game shelf, a book shelf, and reconstructed tv stand and the recliner.  the good news is, we can now open the front door!  we haven't been able to open that door in years (becos my yarn hamper was in front of it, plus about 5 feet worth of knitting crap).  we can also turn the light on and off easier!

the boy gets this quarter of the room to play in.  he can play video games, watch videos (vcr, not dvd) and there's a cable converter for the tv.  that tv is hubby's from college.  um, it's 19 years old.

the rest of the room is mine.  here's my new knit oasis:


my gram's snake arm chair and old end table next to that, magazine basket in front of the table.  next to the chair is my hamper with more yarn boxes piled on top.  next to that, my crafting drawers.  older yarns next to the printer.  blocking squares, odd knitting stuff under the bookshelves.  ignore my desk.  it's still a WIP.  i'll need to keep an eye on how much sunlight my stash gets.  those windows are western facing, and the light (and heat) can be killer.



my bookshelves.  they're in the boy's territory.  but at least i keep them (mostly) neat:


at least 8 feet of blocking space!  w00t!!


a good day.  my church held it's annual fall festival down at the grove.  the kiddos' first swing down at the grove.  petunia is a natural pumper - she kept her swing going.


more good things.  the boy's birthday present:


sock #1 of ETH.  with my barker beauty (carey beauty?) showing it off:


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