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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

curses! NaBloPoMo

Some people hate curse words, some people love them. Which side are you on? And what's your favorite curse (or curse-substitute) word?

as a preacher's daughter, i'm not supposed to curse.  but i'm human, and i do.  i used to love shocking people in high school, blurting out a swear word.  i remember when i was little, when i said a bad word, kids would say "oh, i'm gonna tell your dad!" and i would say, "so?  go ahead!"

i try really hard not to say anything around the kids.  i adopted one of the boy's favorite sayings - "oh pickles!"  i also like saying "bugger!" (a british curse, hopefully people don't know what it means here!) or "bother!"

i had to give my first "bad word" lecture to the boy a few days ago.  on one of his word papers, he had to write words that ended in -ag.  i saw he wrote "fag".  now, we don't use this word around him and i'm sure he doesn't know what it means, but i freaked out, thinking his teacher would think we were bad parents, teaching him this word.  so i asked him about it, and he said it was supposed to be "flag".  i told him that correct spelling means everything, and explained that "fags are british slang for cigarrettes".  so the boy says, "i hate fags!" and i had to explain again that the word had a second meaning, and that this sentence was highly inappropriate to say anywhere.  i wanted to die, i didn't want to have this talk with him, but i didn't want him to think this word was appropriate either.  

a while back, the boy also flipped us the bird, and we had to explain what that meant too.

when i'm really pissed (!!!) i do let the curses fly.  gutter talk isn't cool, but sometimes you just can't help it.  

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