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Sunday, October 10, 2010

i could get used to this

except for sand, i love the beach.  what can i say?  i'm a pisces.  i love water.  i feel good near water.  i love the smell of salt water.  maybe someday, when i grow up, i'll have a little house on the water.


the bay bridge


the boy has always wanted to see "the beach".  this is the closest we're getting to it this year.


freddie beans is strictly a landlubber.  he cried the whole time.  he hated the sand the most.  cried walking on it, cried sitting on it.  methinks he's got some textural issues to deal with as he grows up.


petunia takes after me.  she loved walking in the sand.  she all but ate it too.


walking along the shore...footprints in the sand.


sand art by the boy and me.  he loved collecting shells.  i picked up some pretty stones.


sand and water.  for some reason, standing in the surf made me think of my angel babies.

this has been quite the adventure.  more on that another day.  

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