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Friday, October 8, 2010

mean knitters suck

one of my favorite bloggers recently wrote about comments made about her on ravelry.  apparently some people made rather negative comments about her.  i tried to post stalk and never found the negative comments pertaining to her, but i did find some other comments she had hinted at on an earlier post.  (the irony is that the posts i did find about this person were very complimentary and positive).

i read a couple of threads and my jaw just brushed the pavement.  holy cats, are people mean!  while the circumstances were certainly quite challenging, some of the comments were harsh, bitter, and in some cases, downright mean.  the comments were directed to a certain person, others toward an event.  really incendiary.

MFB commented that she was becoming apprehensive about reading things on ravelry, spesh comments regarding her.  ravelry hurt now.  it's a shame, especially since ravelry is an absolute encyclopedia of patterns, yarns, techniques, etc.

i suppose i'm lucky that the groups i frequent are pretty drama free.  occasionally there are (disagree)1 but nothing ever vicious or mean.  in a good conversation, sometimes someone will "own to their agree/disagree" and explain their POV in the gentlest of terms.  and no one bashes.

there are groups on rav where topics can get pretty heated.  i've visited those groups and left, mostly becos i don't have the gift to pick on someone (nor do i have the time).  i hate even making a criticism, it's usually prefaced by an "i'm sorry to say this..."  damn i'm too honest.

is this what society is coming to?  just becos you don't like someone or something, you just speak your mind regardless of that person's feelings?  have we become too casual to remember common courtesy and sense?

i try to remember, not everyone is like this.  that not everyone talks smack.  that there really are more good knitters out there than negative mean ones.

maybe i'm just old.  eh.

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