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Saturday, October 30, 2010

i crocheted a flower and i liked it!

i cheated again.  this time on my knitting.

i crossed over to the dark side and crocheted.

i had to.  my new shawl called for a crocheted edge, and as much as it pained me, i did it.  like katy perry would say (if she was a knitter), i crocheted and i liked it.

petunia's strawberry beret called for a crocheted flower, and that was my first crochet project in years.  i had to crochet a circle, dc and tc!  i had to google "how to double/triple crochet" and for some insane reason, it made sense.  and now i'm not afraid of crocheting anymore!

i learned to crochet before i learned to knit, actually.  our town library had crochet lessons several winters ago.  i tried so hard, but i would leave the classes with a migraine.  that's not a good sign!  

maybe it was the hooks.  no matter what i did, i couldn't pull the yarn through my loops, and the only way i could was with my mom's old wooden (i think homemade) hook.  perhaps it was the yarn (shitty acrylic, donated to the library).  a lot was technique.  can you believe it took me an entire class to make a slipknot?  i couldn't figure out how many stitches to make to turn.  it felt so complicated.

here are some examples of my crochet from that time:

this was "single crochet" with mint green baby yarn.  it took bloody forever to crochet.  it's a very odd scarf - very wide, and not very long.  it's like it doesn't know what it is - it's either an short obese scarf...or a short anorexic shawl.  

this scarf was supposed to have rows of single, double, half double and triple crochet.  it was supposed to be a practice piece.  all i know is, i didn't know what the hell i was doing, but it made a nifty skinny scarf.  the yarn, incidentally, is red heart acrylic shit in fiesta.  dear Bob, what was i thinking?  oh, that i didn't know yarn shops actually existed and the only place to find yarn was wally world and (at the time) the rag bag.  

a month after i took those classes, i learned how to knit.  and i never turned back.

people often talk about "knitting snobs" who refuse to learn to crochet.  there are some "crochet snobs" out there who don't like knitting.  i think both crafts can and should interact with each other.  i crochet (slipstitch) edges together sometimes instead of sewing them together.  there are times i wish i could crochet a pretty edging around my knitting.  there are some very pretty crochet stitches that aren't easy to recreate knitwise.

so yeah, knitting rules...but it is fun to walk on the wild crochet side sometimes!

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