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Friday, October 29, 2010


my knitting projects may seem quiet lately, but i did get some things completed.

this is plymouth yarns' "ribbed vest/shrug", or as i call it, the ribbed slog-a-long.  knit with 4 skeins of plymouth baby alpaca grande, it is a very simple knit - 2X2 ribbing for 8 inches (for the sleeves and bottom) with 16 inches of 1X1 ribbing in between.  the knitting is then folded in half, sewing the 2X2 ribbing to create the sleeves and bottom.  soooo easy.

well, the project is easy.  however, i loathe ribbing.  ribbing is a lot easier to do if you are a continental "picker" knitter, but i'm an English "thrower" knitter, and that slowed my knitting down.  hence, why i called it a slog-a-long.

my knitting teacher made one of these a few years ago, and many ladies in my knitting group made these shrugs, but it wasn't until i was at KDO that i bought the yarn for it and the pattern.  in fact, i started winding the hank into a ball during the barbara walker lecture that day, i was so excited to cast on.

this yarn is so lovely - i like chunky yarn - but it sheds like crazy (that would be the alpaca). i freaked hubby out when he founds wisps of yarn on the van upholstery - he thought it was either blood or ketchup.  also, while i love alpaca yarn, it makes my eyes itchy.  this shrug is hella warm - if you get overheated easily, this yarn isn't for you.  i wore it to knitting and about died becos it was so warm.  my teacher loves these shrugs becos it keeps your neck warm.  she knitted a bunch of these for herself.  

if i changed anything about this shrug, i would have made it a bit longer - i was afraid of running out of yarn, so the shrug is a bit short on me.  i'd like it a bit bigger to cover "the girls".  i suppose i could have ripped out the bind off and added a couple of rows (i had more yarn left over than i realized) but maybe this is a good incentive for me to actually lose weight.  

i think my mom liked my shrug.  maybe i can practice my continental knitting skills i learned at KDO and knit her one for xmas.  

hello, one-half of ziggy zaggy ziggy zaggy oi oi oi!

think i can get the second one done by sunday?  i only have about an inch of cuff done.

this yarn is nice.  not too crazy about the stripe.  duh.  it's german flag stripes.  this sock has felt like a slog-a-long too.

i'm toying with working on as much as i can with this sock, then hanging it up for a while and starting november's PSOTMC (which is supposed to be a xmas present).   

yeah, i know it sounds like i'm a quitter.  but remember, this is my personal sock of the month club, hence, i get to play by my own rules!  

my thought is...sock #2 can hang out for a while...and when i complete a pair within a month, i'd work on it.  in a way, i wished i started this pair last month...i have sock #1 of ETH completed, but no #2.  

not a bad rule, right?


this shawl is very personal to me.  this is what i was working on while i was supposed to be working on zzzzooo.

this is faraway, so close.  per the designer, This shawl was originally designed as a gift to comfort a friend during a time of much grief. In honor of Infant Loss Awareness Month, each October all proceeds from the sale of this pattern for the month are donated to charities that offer support and guidance to families suffering the loss of a child.

i realize that there are only a couple of days left in october, but if you are searching for a beautiful shawl pattern, simple yet spicy, this is the perfect shawl.  i completed this shawl in under 2 weeks.  and the proceeds go to a wonderful cause.

i purchased 5 skeins of mmmmmmalabrigo in hummingbird from the mannings at KDO, not knowing what to do with it, but it was too luscious to leave.  this project made the rounds in one of my ravelry groups, and i knew just what to use that yarn for.  i even had a skein of malabrigo in amethyst to use for the coordinating ruffle.

the shawl is made up of garter, stockinette, eyelet, dropped and half linen stitches.  while you'll need to keep an eye on the overall pattern, the stitch patterns are pretty easy to remember.  there are 2 versions of the pattern - a shorter shawl and a larger one.  i knit the larger one.  its length is longer than my wingspan - malabrigo grows when blocked.

i made this shawl in honor of the babies i lost on my journey to motherhood.  "mackenzie", my first angel, whom i lost halloween/all saints day 2002, and annelise, my "ani", who became one with the angels a few days after memorial day, 2008.  ani's loss was the hardest, and i still feel it to this day.

that's why i scrabbled to complete this shawl before the end of this month.  to wear on all saint's sunday, in honor of my angels.


  1. Your shawl is just stunning....please bring it for me to see in person this week!


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