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Monday, October 25, 2010

pink post

today is breast cancer awareness day.  today my blog is pink in honor of my MIL, who kicked BC's ass last year!  i'm happy to report that my MIL is currently cancer free, is feeling well, and rocking short silver hair!  i am so proud of her!   

i also had my own breast cancer scare two and a half years ago.  i was referred to the breast center by that bitch CNP the nurse practioner at my ob/gyn, becos she feared that the HS carbuncles on my breast could possibly be cancer.  i remember coming home crying to mom.  the fear of having breast cancer.  i was young, just 34.  i had a little boy.  we'd just been green-lighted to TTC, and now that was possibly on hold.  no woman, young or old, should ever go through this.  

i had an ultrasound, which was clear.   i was still referred for a mammogram, but found out i was pregnant with ani and had to cancel.  to this day, i still blame the stress and fear that i felt at that time for my miscarriage, but i'll never know.  i am absolutely grateful that i was in the clear, but i still fear that someday, i may not be so lucky.  having a daughter, i fear for her as well, and i'll be sure to tell her to do her monthly self check when she is old enough.    

i blogged about my bc scare and those posts are found herehereherehere, and here.  you can also click on the labels i've noted below, for posts regarding to my MIL and her recovery and "the pink glove dance".

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