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Tuesday, October 26, 2010


i don't know if it's my age or if it's having a gaggle of kids, but my brain is a sieve.  i used to pride myself as a good multitasker, but now i'm lucky if i remember what i did a minute ago.  i even forget myself midsentence.  that's not good, right?

i haven't blogged for a while becos i just can't find the time to do it.  i don't do it during the day becos the kiddos are constantly grabbing the laptop, and i hate to type at the table.  when they nap, i'm busy with other things.  while i do blog sometimes in the evenings, i find that the glare of the laptop interferes with my sleep cycle and then i'm wide awake for most of the night (i'm discovering my iPhone does this as well.  and so does an HD tv).  i started to blog this past weekend, but the holy terrors kiddos wouldn't let me.

here's what i've been doing lately:

1.  the boy got his braces and expander today.  i think this event deserves its own post, no?

2.  fed my glitter and glue addiction:


the boy's project for school really started it all.



and then i martha'd up my pumpkins.  now there's a layer of ultrafine glitter all over the porch (and dining room table too).  and yes, there's a reason why 5 pumpkins got glittered.  i tried to match the colors to everyone's personality.  top that martha!

3.  halloween

 i took the lazy way out and got the boy a mario costume at target (actually, mom and dad gave it to him - she paid me for it).  i really wanted to make him a costume.  but i couldn't get my act together.  mom and dad were at a loss as to what to get him for his birthday, so they offered to give him the costume.  it wasn't very expensive - it was cheaper at target than online which is why i bought it in early september.  i hope freddie likes mario in 6 years, cos he'll get to wear it then too (and petunia, if she's so inclined).

petunia fared a bit better in the costume department.  i bought the smallest child's t-shirt in red i could find, painted it with glow in the dark puffy paint for seeds, and knitted her a little strawberry beret.  yes, my girl is going as strawberry shortcake, mcknitster style.  that's one of my (many) nicknames for her, and i thought she'd look cute that way.

poor freddie got the short end of the stick.  he's wearing brown pants and onesie and his sock monkey hat.  yes, my baby boy is going to be a sock monkey.

i've been so busy/exhausted to really decorate for halloween/fall this year.  i have my vintage candles, my knickknacks, and just couldn't get my shit together.  the pumpkin  head, which goes on our lamp post, went up last week - usually we put it up labor day weekend.  i got my fall wreaths on my doors last week.  the knickknacks aren't a big deal this year - i have to rethink where to put stuff since i lost some surface space this year - plus the kiddos get into everything so it was probably a wise thing for me to do, not decorating this year.

4.  knitting

i have some projects completed, just need to take some pictures.  to wit:

a.  finished the ribbed slogalong ribbed vest.

b.  strawberry shortcake beret (featured in the september issue of knit today - the pattern wasn't even in ravelry's library yet!)

c.  faraway, so close, currently soaking and getting ready to be blocked.

d.  another teddy bear puppet:


meet mr. blue.  he's a depressed punk.  who says teddy bears have to be happy?

e.  my PSOTMC for october was abandoned in favor of the shrug and my shawl.  i have until sunday to finish my socks.  sock one is nearly completed, just needs a toe.  if i work my butt off, i just might get sock 2 completed.

these projects deserve posts of their own.  i'll do that soon, i promise!

i am probably missing something here, but it's a start, at least.

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