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Sunday, October 3, 2010


5 out of 6 won prizes.  not too shabby!


sophie, my baby girl's shawl, won third place.  that was a pleasant surprise.

this brings my ribbon total to:

1 first place (tree skirt)
2 second place (socks and adult shawl)
2 third place (hat and baby shawl)

and a placeless ribbonless baby blanket.  :)

i also won $9 in prize money, a tidy sum of money.  two years ago they shorted me almost 3 dollars so it feels good to actually have the correct amount in hand.

now the planning for next year's exhibition begins!  i have a lot of ideas...just have to figure out how to accomplish it all!

looks like the boy's gaming cave is a hit:


well, he's comfy enough to leave his papers all over the place.

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