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Thursday, October 14, 2010

traveling with twins

what i learned while taking a long weekend with kiddos:

1.  don't bother hauling a pack n play along.  we requested one at the hotel (actually 2) and lo and behold, they did pull them for us.  of course, freddie beans wouldn't sleep in it, and petunia did, eventually, becos she was very tired.  also, bring your own crib sheets.  we brought old ones (i honestly don't even know where they came from) so if they got left behind, it was no big deal.  and lysol.  spray the thing with lysol.  actually, spray whatever you want with lysol.  i carry a mini can in my suitcase.  really, i do.  cos i'm anal retentive that way.

2.  have no expectations.  none whatsoever.  no expectations, no disappointments.

3.  the first night is always the hardest.  it gets easier as the kiddos adjust to their new schedule.  (also, see #2).

4.  kids with texture issues might have problems with sand.

5.  a fire alarm is not a good time to practice a fire drill (fortunately, we were on our way out the door when this happened.  thank goodness it was nothing major).

6.  when the tranny acts up when trying to pull out of the parking lot, just as the fire truck is trying to pull in, DON'T PANIC.

7.  it's time to upgrade to the big suite when the kidlet population explodes beyond 3.  we got a 2 room suite, and it still felt claustrophobic.

8.  2 TVs and a sofa = heaven.  so does a microwave and a mini fridge.

9.  bring extra snacks and drinks.  especially when going out for the day.

10.  big double strollers don't like going to the beach - tiny wheels are hard to push and pull in the sand.

11.  a macaroni salad container found at the water's edge makes a fine collection container for shells, stones and other treasures.

12.  there are teachable moments everywhere.

13.  bring extra clothes.  and diapers.  and wipes.  it's okay to overpack these things.

14.  don't forget to collect your supplies after a diaper change - check the ledges of changing tables and towel dispensers.

15.  thank goodness for whole foods (for buying extra wipes and diaper cream after they were left behind at the aquarium [the wipes] or home [the diaper cream]).

16.  strollers for toddler twins should be allowed at the aquarium.  for kiddos who are not used to slings or carriers, but cannot walk well, it would have been a Godsend.

17.  backpack leashes have their place.  just not the aquarium.

18.  learn the art of the stack.  spesh after grocery shopping at whole foods, towson center, and the outlets.

19.  take time to use the jacuzzi and rest the old weary bones after a long day of traveling.

20.  last but not least:  take the grandparents with, so one can get a proper break (plus alone time with hubby).

our long weekend trip was an adventure and education in itself.  traveling with twins is definitely an experience!

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