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Thursday, October 7, 2010

why companies lose money hand over fist

we received this official looking puffy envelope in the mail today.  it was certified mail to hubby.  the return address was ambiguous and i was curious and didn't think hubby would mind if i opened it.  turned out it was a letter from similac, regarding their recent formula recall.


a single sheet of paper in a big puffy envelope.  well, at least i can recycle the envelope for another use.

seriously similac.  you couldn't send the letter in a business envelope?  what a waste of postage and paper.

okay, before i get bashed, i totally understand the recall and why they sent out certified letters.  we were part of their free formula program and they wanted us to make sure we didn't have the contaminated formula.  fortunately, we haven't used their formula in months (name brand got too expensive, even with coupons, and we bought generic formula for much of the kiddos' first year.  and the kiddos haven't been on formula for a couple months now).  but any news aware parent, upon hearing about the recall, probably checked out the website, or like me, learned about it from a parenting forum.  it's too bad that similac couldn't send notice via email, altho i suppose they would need my email address to begin with.

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