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Saturday, November 27, 2010

i love it, everyone hates it

What's one thing you love that nobody else does?

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hubby laughs at me when i watch 90210 (the 90s series, altho i do watch the new version of it as well).  i prefer the "brenda years" over the valerie or gina years.  hubby can't stand shannen dougherty.  i think she's just misunderstood.  

i will admit that the only reason i started watching the new 90210 was becos kelly (jennie garth) brenda (dougherty) and donna (tori spelling) were going to be on.  brenda and donna were one-off episodes, and kelly hasn't been on all season and probably is finished as well.  i know the PTB behind the new series probably did that to lure old fans like me.  i guess it worked, although now i can take or leave the show.  

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