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Saturday, November 27, 2010

thanksgiving stuffing

thanksgiving this year was a relatively quiet affair.

the fruits of my three day labors, with a little help from country cupboard.


one of my little blessings.

my harshest food critic.  that's rice pasta he's eating.  heaven forbid he eat the good stuff from CC.

this year we didn't go down to hubby's relatives' gathering down yonder.  with the kiddos teething and me on meds getting rid of this wretched cough, we decided to forgo the trip.  next year we'll go.  apparently we were no really, it's the kids they missed.

thanksgiving with hubby's relatives are "snacky, picker" foods.  crudite, cheese, fruit, finger foods. this evolved becos many had big thanksgiving dinners at lunchtime, and naturally weren't hungry for another large meal in the evening.

i miss the meals we used to have down there.  grandpa was a chicken farmer, and grandma always made a "nontraditional" thanksgiving dinner that didn't involve poultry.  a favorite meal was fried oysters;  other years they had boiled shrimp.  of course, there was always a bit of meat for us non-seafood eaters.  grandma, hubby's aunts and cousins also made the usual side dishes - mashed potatoes, stuffing, vegetables.  i loved grandma's stuffing - i could eat just that for the meal and be happy.  i tried to make it once, and it wasn't the same (it didn't help that the recipe grandma gave me was for a crowd of 50, and my sizing down recipe skills are nil).  and the pies.  lord did i love grandma's egg custard.  cousin T made it in recent years, but grandma's pie was always the best.

the meal morphed to the picker foods after grandpa passed several years ago.  they were easier to make, people could bring different dishes, and as more grands and great-grands were added to the family, made it easier to eat around the house instead of around tables.  me, being the meat and potatoes gal, missed the big family meal.  believe it or not, some years we left the festivities still hungry, and we'd stop at a rutter's on the way home to pick up goodies.  i know it's my fault for leaving hungry, but i just can't make a meal out of carrot sticks and cheese.  give me a big bowl of stuffing with gravy, please!  and egg custard.

i miss grandma.  thanksgivings won't be the same without her.

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