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Monday, November 15, 2010

Le nozze di Figaro tames the shrew - NaBloPoMo

What's the first play you ever saw live?

i saw many plays and operettas when i was little.  but the first "real" play i saw was the taming of the shrew at the BTE, and the first opera i saw was marriage of figaro at lincoln center.  i saw both of these shows within the span of a month when i was a senior in high school.  actually, i saw a second play in that span of time - a christmas carol - at the BTE that christmas.  wow.  i had no idear i was that cultured in such a short amount of time.

i saw TOTS with my senior year english class.  i was so excited becos the boy i was dating at the time worked for the BTE and i hoped he was at the theatre that day (he wasn't.  he was in school like a good boy).  it was a very good show, the cast was wonderful, and i had a good time that day.

i was a sneak tho, and at lunch time they foolishly allowed us free reign for lunch.  i cannot remember where we ate for lunch, but i do remember going into a head shop, buying some buttons, then running up to my BF's house 5 blocks away to leave him a letter.  i cannot imagine being allowed to do this now, and if i knew my own children did something like this i probably would have been torqued.  but i was 17, in love, and felt invincible.

the week before thanksgiving my mom and i went to manhattan to see the marriage of figaro at the lincoln center.  the trip was sponsored by SU and there were many college students attending as well.  mom's friend and her daughter went along too, and i remember looking at bridal magazines becos the daughter had just gotten engaged.  

we went our separate ways and mom and i went to macy's.  i wanted a purse.  i felt so fancy going to this big department store. it was nothing like the bon-ton or boscov's, stores i was used to shopping at.  i got a teal liz claiborne satchel that looked a bit like a bowling bag.  it was nearly a hundred dollars, an enormous sum for me at that time, but it was part of my christmas present, and i felt so special.  i also got a black beret at lord and taylor and felt so chic.  

i think mom and i ate at tavern on the green. i felt like such hot stuff.  later we met up with mom's friend and at a mama lione's, which was okay but not a big deal. then we went to the show.  

the hall was enormous - i felt so tiny, like i was in a jewel box.  i felt very rich even tho i am no.  the music was beautiful, the acting was wonderful.  i remember there was a screen so we could read the translation of the lyrics, but after a while i just settled in and listened to the music as it relaxed me.

before we got on the bus to leave, i went into a tower records and picked some tapes (!!!) for christmas.  i picked joy division, some queen, and another group who's name is currently escaping me.  mom let me listen to one tape - the others i got christmas day.  i picked queen becos it was one of my BF's favorite bands.  later that night i learned that freddie mercury had AIDS.  a few days later he died.  

over the Christmas holidays i went to the BTE to see my boyfriend in "a christmas carol"  he played young scrooge and only had a couple of speaking parts.  he and another boy shared the part over the span of the run, alternating shows.  he was very good (considering he was on stage for a total of 2 minutes) and looked totally adorable.  i got to see him for only a minute that night, becos he was busy helping staff prepare for the next show.  

the BTE performs several excellent shows each season.  this year we are taking the boy to see "a christmas story".  hubby and i saw this show several years ago at the BTE and it was wonderful, and we can't wait for the boy to have his first play experience at this sublime theatre.    

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