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Tuesday, November 16, 2010


my loose knitting patterns have been a jumble as of late.  i use 4 plastic accordion files to store my patterns, and they were getting really overstuffed.  i buy these files at target, where they are occasionally sold in the dollar bins.  i bought them with hubby and our bill filing in mind, but he did not want to use them, so i decided i'd use them for my patterns.

my patterns are sorted by socks, sweaters, toys, hats, scarves, mittens, dishcloths, household, holiday, etc. etc.  i decided to sort these categories further by woman, man, child.  so in the sweaters category, i have women's sweaters, men's sweaters and children/baby.  i did the same for hats and socks.  i had a shawl category that i sorted by shawl and poncho.  it took a couple of hours, but i tamed my patterns.

here are the fruits of my labor:

these are all of my files.

these files contain my hats/scarves, shawls/ponchos, socks and blanket square patterns.

household/jewelry, holiday/toys, more socks, assorted patterns that i culled from magazines and the patterns are all mixed up (i might as well had kept the issue instead).

sweaters and WIPs.  the WIPs file is usually in my knitting bag - it contains all the patterns of current projects, plus those i want to knit someday.

i store my patterns on a shelf in my desk.  there isn't enough room for all the folders.  but they're a lot neater, and it's easier to find what i need.

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