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Sunday, November 21, 2010

the milkman cometh

remember these?

last week when we were out at penn state, i made a trip to meyer's dairy on the outskirts of town.  i used to go there when i was a little girl, and i was craving some ice cream.  the line was out the door, so i decided to pick up a carton of chocolate marshmallow.  while i waited people came in and out with carriers of empty milk bottles, which they dropped off, then bought more bottles of milk.  i decided to buy a bottle of milk too, for the kiddos.

i wish there was a dairy in the area that still sold milk in bottles.  state college is a bit out of the way for me.

i remember, when i was a little girl, going to a dairy on orange street in briar creek to get milk for my nana and pop pop.  i was always intrigued by the wire carrier, the square bottles of milk.  it's been nearly 25 years, but i can still remember seeing those bottles in my nana's refrigerator.

having twins and a big kid, we go through an insane amount of milk in a week.  some days i think we should just buy a cow, for the amount of milk we drink.

i buy organic milk, which is (so sadly) expensive.  i try to offset the cost, by buying a half gallon of whole organic and a gallon (or 2) for the kiddos, and a half gallon of 2% for hubby and the boy and a half gallon of organic 2% for me (which lasts about 2 weeks if the boy doesn't get to it first).  i wish organic milk didn't cost so much.  i really think it is so much better.

i've heard of raw milk, but it skeeves me out a bit.  i know it is supposed to taste better and more "real", but i can't get over the not pasteurized aspect of it.

the next time i got back out to state college, i'll stop by the dairy again, and buy more milk. and ice cream too.

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