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Sunday, November 21, 2010

collections NaBloPoMo

What do you collect?

i collect a lot of different things.  i suppose my largest collection is my yarn.  i have several sweater bags full of luscious yarn in many kinds of fibers, colors, and weights.  i could knit every day for the rest of my life and still have yarn left over.  i have way too much yarn.

i collect things that have snoopy or the peanut characters on it.  mostly snoopy tho.  i have stuffies, jewelry, dishes, figurines, clothes, even makeup.  i have a lot of toys.  my most favorite snoopy possession is my snoopy and the red baron music box.  it's snoopy sitting on his doghouse, and it plays "over there".  it used to be my mom's, she gave it to me when i was little, and then it was in the boy's nursery.  when petunia is bigger, she'll get it for her room.  poor freddie.  i guess they'll have to share custody of it.  

i used to collect angels, but no so much anymore.  the majority of my angels have flutes, which is what started my collection.  most of my angels are packed up and residing in the attic, but my favorites sit on the shelves by the steps, and the more fragile ones are in my china cupboard.

i used to collect boyd's bears, but i don't anymore.  i collected both the stuffies and the figurines.  i liked collecting the puppy stuffies, but i have a few odd bears and animals.  several years ago i unloaded some of the stuffies becos i didn't have the space for them, but i did keep a moose, the first boyd's i'd ever bought, a couple puppies, and a burke bear.  he was one of the first run of burke bears and that's why i hold onto him.

here's an odd collection - i have several movies and tv shows "hoarded" on the DVR, recorded over the past 4 years.  i have a couple of charlie chan movies, "alice's restaurant", "duel" and "the phantom tollbooth".  i have several episodes of "knitty gritty", "yes dear" and lawrence welk.  if i could get these movies or shows on dvd, i'd buy them so i could delete and gain recording space.  but as far as i know, KG will never be released on dvd, YD is a big question mark and i keep the rest for either the kids' entertainment (the LW and TPT), and the rest of the movies i will watch "when i am good and ready".

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