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Saturday, November 13, 2010


i tried something new with my knitting.  i knitted mittens.

years ago i made the boy an alligator mitten/puppet, but never real mittens.  the thumb gusset always intimidated me.  but last week the boy asked me to knit him something, and he requested mittens.

i used the "smitten with mittens" pattern from knitscene's knitting workshop special edition magazine.  it's a very simple pattern, with clear instructions.

you know me, i can't do anything simply.  it took me 3 tries to make the first mitten.  it was purely knitter error - i was getting stitch and round numbers from one pattern, while using another pattern.  in other words, it was like i was cooking something using two totally different recipes.  duh on me!

after i got the pattern sussed out i whipped off the boy's mittens.  if i had no interruptions, i could complete a mitten a day if i had to.

the mittens were knit with paton's classic wool merino in black, light green, navy and cream.  i tried to do a slip stitch to prevent the stripe jog, and i'm not sure i succeeded, but it doesn't look too bad for a first try!  i didn't pay much attention to the number of rounds (not the colored stripes but the black) so the mittens are more fraternal than identical.

the boy was so happy for his mittens, he wore them to school in 60 degree weather.  now that's devotion.

i had so much fun knitting the boy's mittens that i thought i'd whip up a pair for myself.

knit in women's size, with malabrigo silky merino, these were a dream to knit.  since i didn't have to worry about striping, they knit up pretty quickly.  i even had enough yarn left over to knit a matching hat (the pinch hat) which is equally is fast.

now that i understand how the thumb gusset works, i'm no longer afraid.  :)

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  1. Show and tell items for Tuesday? Please bring them. I'll bring my handspun hat, and hopefully a shawl. That will motivate me to finish them by Tuesday!


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