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Friday, November 12, 2010


What toy from your childhood do you still have in your possession?

when i was 3 i got a small stuffed monkey from a lady at my gram's bank.  his name was tonga.  he was brown with dangly arms and legs, and a long tail.  he had a tan muzzle, cute little ears and brown eyes.

i loved that monkey and he went with me everywhere.  i loved rubbing his right foot - it was so soft.  the left one was rough.  

tonga had 2 profiles, one jolly:

one serious:


i used to wrap wet kleenex around his leg, pretending he had a broken leg.  i used to parade him up and down the sidewalk in my doll stroller like that.  i'm sure my neighbors thought i was nutters, doing that.

as tonga got older, his eyes frosted over, he lost a nostril (and i colored it in with black marker) and the fur rubbed off in spots.  but i loved him.  

when i had the boy, i let him play with him.  but when he was too rough, i'd take him away.  he was still my monkey!

on a visit to philly a couple years ago, i found a stuffed monkey in a children's shop on walnut street.  he was a jellycat stuffy, but but he was a deadringer for tonga.  i bought him on sight, praying for a baby someday to love him as much as i loved tonga.

a year later we found out we were having twins.  so i ordered another jellycat monkey, although it was smaller.  so now, petunia and freddie each have their own "tonga".

tonga sits on my hope chest in our bedroom.  

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